Issue accepting calls on aGac2500


Hello everyone,

I been setting a GAC2500 for the first time, but I came into an issue: when there’s an incoming call from any other extension or external phone, and I click the answer button the phone just blinks for a second and there’s no connection to the call, bur the extension or phone that called keeps ringing.
Does anyone know what might be happening ?.

I tried to set it up in another network and it did work fine, both networks are through a UniFi UDM Pro


Need more understanding of the network and what the GAC is connecting to. Is there a PBX? Is the PBX local or remote to the GAC?


I wanted to throw my 2c in because I just came across this issue myself for the first time yesterday. This appears to be an issue on 63xx UCMs running or newer firmware and downgrading the UCM does not fix it.

There is a beta FW out now for the GAC2500 that fixed the issue for me.