Is this a bug or another security issue ucm 6102 v 18.18


The ucm is logging all Ip address has a local lan ip which in this case is the gateway

i been getting some login in attempts alerts when i log in I can see my attempt login which is not showing my wan Ip like all other systems do , I can see the last few login attempts I can’t block or anything because unlike I could see and address .
what make shti sworse is that fail to ban will also not ban anything because I have the local lan ip range of whitelisted.

is this a bug , is another security or did I do something wrong with a setting


at first glance it is as if you had repeatedly entered user / pswd wrong, it would have an explanation and it would be “not alarming”.
Try to take better notice when you enter to understand if the error is yours or look elsewhere for the problem.
I on version 1.0.20.xx at the beginning I had often noticed this error (although correctly inserting the credentials), I hope that this “bug” has been solved.
I was even banned (without having exceeded the “wrong” entry limit but I entered the same.
Type bug inside another bug :slight_smile:


Hi Damiano

When I logged in It was one time and I had success , so 100% sure I did not try repeatedly . Also I am coming form outside with wan Ip the ucm is showing my login with local gateway address . At this site the the gateway is

Now you cannot look at logs and you cannot see very quickly who been trying to access your device. I only became aware because I have the alerts set up which say someone with is failed login so it is a Saturday and no one is at the company then I logged in to check.I identify my login with the time but not my IP.

I have opened a ticket for this but not if maybe I did something I am not aware off ,non of the UCm we have ever logged incorrectly its seem only with 18.8



sorry but where do you read it
Maybe your typo?


Sorry it was a typo apologies


I control you :smile: .