Is there a way from a handset to find out what port its plugged into?


I have about 20 phones plugged into different ports on the GXW4224. Rather then toning out each wire, can I pick up the handset and dial a code so I know which port its plugged into so I can program it?

Thank you


Unfortunately no, but I like the idea. Presumably given the suggestion, you already have the connection to the gateway made and the easiest way to identify the port is to have someone pick up the receiver of the analog phone and then look to see which port light illuminates.

I do a number of hotels and I have another person with me and we use two-way radios. We wire up the device to the 66 blocks in the order in which the original installers did and then we go from room to room. I sit at the gateway while the rooms are walked and they tell me the room number they are in and pick up the extension while I watch for the light and then program the port accordingly.