Is there a UCM3104?


I have a new customer says they have UCM 3104 with GXP2140 conversation breaking up, make and receive calls fine but conversation breaking up


That must be a typo… as it will prove to be a UCM6104 - 4 x FXO ports, 2 FXS ports, 500 users that needs to be upgraded to the ;latest firmware because there were security flaws in the previous firmware that needed patching in some circumstances !


Thanks scottsip … I appreciate it,any ideas on the “choppy” calls,network congestion maybe? Any other problem areas that would cause this ??


without exact configuration details i can only guess that the system is under attack causing choppyness of calls and needs to be updated.


If there is attack then security on router must be enhanced. UCM is not firewall and can be easy overwhelmed by requests.