Is there a charge for GDMS?


Does GDMS cost money?


Not yet. Its on AWS so you can bet they will be charging for it once they have some of the bugs worked out of it. Its just good business sense especially if they are going to provide tech support on it.


Got it. thanks. I wish they would give us a heads-up as to how much it would cost. for the 6 phones i have in my office it really depends on how much they charge as to whether its worth it or not


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Thank you for using the GDMS platform! If you want to use UCMRC services with advanced plans, you may need to purchase advanced plans to obtain better using experiences. The UCMRC plan is currently in trial and we will have the price list soon. If the user wants to obatin more cloud storage space in the GDMS platform, the user may need to purchase cloud storage space in Plan & Services menu. Please refer to our notice on the official website. Thanks for your testing!

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what is UCMRC? I want to use GDMS for my house that has 3 grandstream access points and my office that will have 9 grandstream VOIP phones. do i need UCMRC for that?



UCM Remote Connect is my guess.


Remote is not necessary. What’s more important is that i can see/configure/manage all VOIP phones from 1 program sitting at my desk.


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