Is it a "phone" or a "device" or something else?


All of the following is from our QA team without any sort of manual or other documentation. Their comments are presented below:

Status -> Network Status

  • Many pop-up help entries talk about “status of phone” when it should say “device” or something else
  • Same for “Product Model” in the “System Info” section

Account -> Account Registratino

  • “SIP User ID” has a pop-up indicator, but no pop-up text
  • More fields here refer to the “phone” when they should refer to the “device.”
  • Is “Voicemail Access Number” really required? After all, there is no button on the device, and if there were, it would be awfully awkward to go grab a ladder and press it to check for voicemails. :slight_smile:

A lot of this was also brought up in Lots of unused settings



Thank you for all your feedback, this device still need a lot of clean up on the web UI and we are still working on this clean up. Your help will be much appreciate it :slight_smile:

For this one, I could get a pop-up text when I hover the indicator, is it only happened on your device? Can you reload your page and see if you still can reproduce this issue?



Nope. Not on our device. Put mouse on ? and nothing pops up.


It will show up pop-up like this if you hover over the “?” pop-up indicator. What firmware is your GSC3510 on right now?


All of the other popups show text, but this one doesn’t.

Product Model: GSC3510
Hardware Revision: V0.1A
Part Number: 9630005501A
System Version:
Recovery Version:
Boot Version:
Kernel Version:



This was a bug on that firwmare (v. and its fixed on the later version. We are in the middle of testing for the “stable” firmware before releasing it to Beta Forum. We are hoping to release it within this week so you guys will have enough time to do more testing. Thank you for your patience. :grinning: