Is ht813 good for my POTS to make outbound and inbound calls through Aircall?


I’m a newbie and not techy and i’m at my wits end. I need to be able to make calls and take calls using my POTS. I have satellite internet and the voip (aircall) lags. Temporarily I have fixed the inbound by forwarding calls to my landline but need to make outbound too. I bought the ht813, i thought i configured it right, but suddenly couldn’t get outbound or inbound. Do i even have the right equipment? I’m so lost and have been searching for weeks for help. aircall will not offer help in configuration or hardware questions (they did set up the SIP on their end). Do i just need a polycom phone? Any advice or help would be sooo appreciated


Polycom phone?
first of all, satellite connectivity is not suitable for VoIP, latency problems, Jitter, etc.
However here are the manuals you are looking for:


There is no way to overcome the lag as it is physics. The distance between the earth and the geo-stationary satellite is simply too great a distance. It would be like placing a call from your house to your next door neighbor, but the call has to travel around the earth twice before it gets next door.

Using a different phone or other device will not overcome the issue if trying to use satellite. There is not enough detail in the post to really assess the issue as it is not clear what it is that you seek to do. Aircall is a cloud based hosted phone system and the intent of the FXO (POTS line) in relation to Aircall is not stated.

The post indicates making in/out calling somehow using POTS in conjunction with the HT using the POTS line and to me they are dissimilar aspects with regard to their functions and interaction with one another. The FXO port of the HT provides telephone service. Aircall also provides telephone service albeit via the Internet. In most cases, it would be more likely that you would port the existing analog number to Aircall and not use the HT, but rather an IP-Phone.

I am not aware of any Hosted system operators that will take a FXO feed from a gateway.

Nevertheless, the satellite based Internet will cause you many issues which make the use of same problematic at best and the folks at the other end will also go crazy with the delay. There are other possible issues as well, but I strongly encourage you to see other means than satellite for Internet if you want to pursue VoIP. Maybe GSM or a WISP if you are that remote.


thanks for your reply damian. yes, voip is no good with satellite, this is why i have been forwarding aircall calls to my POTS, and it works great, but i need to also make outbound calls somehow using my pots also through the aircall because it is for work. Aircall suggested SIP ? they activated it on there end, and i thought all i needed was an ATA but either i configured the ATA wrong or its just not a possibility. I wonder if i just need to buy a SIP phone? someone suggested that? I don’t know all this techy lingo, i’m just a girl who got a great job from home but my internet is satellite ! ugh :frowning:


Thank you so much. I only have access to satellite out here. Aircall said i would need a SIP to be able to do outbound and inbound through my POTS to avoid the satellite lag…they won’t offer any support though. right now, i’m able to forward the inbound to my POTS and it works great through aircall, no lag at all… Isn’t there a way to accomplish this with outbound as well? I thought i just needed the ATA to accomplish this “SIP” that aircall speaks of but either i configured the ATA wrong or its just not the solution for me. I’m willing to buy whatever equipment i need, i’m on the verge of losing this great job from home because i can’t find help. So you’re saying perhaps an IP phone? or a wisp? I’ll get whatever i need. Thank you so much for your expertise, you have no idea what this means for me ! :slight_smile:


Ohhhh, yes ! someone else on another forum said a polycom phone…but i though the ata was the same thing that allowed me to turn my own phone into a polycom…LOL…i’m so out of the loop with all this…is an IP phone the same thing as a polycom?


If i understand correctly, you are trying to do the following -

                                                Your Aircall number, now forwarded to PSTN


If the above is the case, then there does not appear to be a way to avoid the satellite as Aircall is Internet based.

A SIP IP-Phone might be made to work in a more simplistic manner, but the delay will still be there and it will be a question of how tolerant each side of the conversation will be. What will typically happen is that the delay will cause the other end to think that you have stopped talking when in a pause, so they start talking. Invariably, you both start to talk over one another unless each side starts to indicate “over” when done - How are you? Over. I am doing fine and you? Over.


an ATA and an IP phone are 2 completely different things.


not ATA versus IP phone…but IP phone and Polycom…are they the same?


each vendor has its own configurations and ways of interpreting the SIP, roughly the same, roughly … but if you don’t have the basics of the SIP protocol it is really hard to give you a hand :slight_smile:


try to open a Ticket here:


thanks ! I have ZERO delay when i forward my aircalls to my Pots…ZERO…i have disconnected the HT to forward it as of now because i couldn’t get it to work at all…so the best way to accomplish the least amount of delay for my outbound, is to possibly get an IP/SIP phone? a 1 or 2 sec delay is better than my 5 second delay right now.


I tried to open a ticket but for some reason it wouldn’t let me. I sent an email to support last week but havn’t gotten a response yet :frowning: P>S the company gave me the protocol to configure the SIP…it seemed pretty straight forward, but i configured it with the HT813…i guess if i had an actual SIP phone it may work. siiiigh…I will just buy a SIP phone, and say a prayer.


you can contact a professional in the area (I am in Italy and … I am far away),
you can buy an IP phone for example Grandstream GXP1625


I got an idea, if you want to do this test,
download GSWAVE APP on your mobile phone and configure your VoIP account and see if it works.
At no cost you can do this test, plus if it works you can carry your voip account around on your mobile phone. Just have active data connection.


thank you so much :slight_smile: I don’t even have good cell phone service where i live but it would be good idea for when i travel and need to work while on the road. I really thought the ATA was a device that enables the voip to communicate with my analog phone


everything can be done, just knowing how to do it.
It was just to try


There is no delay as you have forwarded the number, so you are using the POTS line and nothing is going over the satellite link. However, you could call out simply using the POTS as well, but the callerID will be that of the POTS line and not that of whatever you have a Aircall.

NO, DO NOT BUY A SIP PHONE!. If you do, you will simply be going over the satellite link and have the delay, Again, there is no way whatsoever to eliminate the delay when using the satellite.

Assume for the minute that I have the same setup as you. I have a single POTS line with my number of 6665551212 and I have Aircall which has a number of 9995551313. When people called the 1313 number there was a delay because the signal traveled over your satellite Internet link to the HT. Because of the delay, you decided to forward the 1313 number to 1212 but, now you are using a landline POTS line, not the Internet so there is no Internet link in play.


siiiigh :frowning: ok, i won’t get the sip phone…but there has to be a way for me to dial out using my pots and have it communicate with aircall to record the call etc like it does for my inbound. How is this not a thing? hasn’t anyone invented an adapter of sorts? thats why i thought the ht813 would work. I was trying to explain this to aircall and they seem to think sip phone is the solution, but i trust you more than them. The don’t sound very confident.


Aircall is a SIP service. It expects to see SIP. In doing so, it must use the Internet and as you only have satellite, it will induce the delay no matter what you do. There is no other option.

Your POTS line is just that, a landline based plain old telephone service. There is no way for Aircall to deal with it. You are not looking to have your telephone service sent to Aircall. You want to be able to use the service from Aircall.

An IP-Phone is what is needed; just as they suggested as they will be the service provider. However, I would not get a Polycom as they do not (unless recently) support STUN. HOWEVER, as stated, there will be a delay in the audio and whether or not it will be acceptable to all is an unknown. I only know that I have had a couple try it and it was deemed unsuitable, but maybe you and yours are more tolerant.

As you do have telephone service, have you investigated their Internet offerings?