IPVideoTalk Not Registering on Grandstream GXV3275



Over the weekend I noticed that my IpVideoTalk feature on my Grandstream stopped registering. Is anyone else experiencing this? My callmanager is FreePBX which I have multiple phones for my business registering with no voip problems other than ipvideotalk to speak of.



Yes, we have about 30 of these GXV3275 phones deployed on 3 continents and NONE of them are able to use the service anymore! …this is really frustrating


Hey Guys… I know and feel your frustration. It was explained to me that the version of IPVideoTalk on the GXV3275 is totally different than the NEW roll-out. IT WON’T WORK.
if that’s the complete truth or not, I don’t know (and as an aside, it seems like a total marketing blunder with using the SAME EXACT NAME on both softwares). You can get IPVideoTalk to work on the phone, just not direct, on the account provided. You can delete those credentials and use for regular SIP line. What I did to get it working was download the IPVideoTalk app to my phone and use it. Also, go into your settings on the device (not the IPVideoTalk settings) and go to DISPLAY > LANDSCAPE SCREEN > ON. Otherwise, the video will be shown upside down. (a bit distracting and unprofessional) Good luck…and may you succeed in your mission! ;

Well bite my tongue! It still isn’t working. Just did a quick video and posted it to youtube.com (in private mode—I want to give Grandstream a little time to address the problem with a fix before going public).
Message me your email addy and I’ll send you the link.