iPhone 14 iOS 16.x


We have try tested GS wave lite on 2 iPhone 14 and they not able to heard each other.

When we tested GS wave lite on iPhone 11 there are no issue when calling each other.


  1. Is GS wave lite compatible for iPhone 14 ?
  2. If GS wave lite support iPhone 14, may I know what is on iPhone 14 setting I should setup beside also setup GS wave setting ?

Thank you for helping.




I have the Same Issue the GS Wave is Working fine in iphone 13 but in iphone 14 not able to heard each other i already updated our UCM6304 i have the same configuration from 13 to 14 and already allowed the Microphone i hope you can help me rectified this issue


Thank for the link but the link doc is is not helpful for the Grandstream wave lite on iphone 14 issue.
Please help. Thank you.


this is a user-to-user forum only, Grandstream Support can be found at the link posted above


I have the exact same issue. I tried also Zoiper and Bria mobile but I get the same result.
Did you fine a solution?


Same here

Iphone 14 Max Pro

With others softphones works