iPad App - Rotation



It is very annoying that the IPVideoTalk app for iPad refused to recognize the fact that the iPad is in Landscape Orientation when it first launches and insists on staying on Portrait Orientation to sign-in, etc.

My iPad sits in a stand in Landscape Orientation making the use of the app less welcoming and more cumbersome.

It is also too bad that I can’t use chat in Landscape Orientation.

This should be a simple fix.


same problem on GXV3275 using the IPVideoTalk Android App.

Please Note::::: The GXV3275 is a GRANDSTREAM product. The IPVideoTalk app is a GRANDSTREAM product.

Is GS abandoning any further development on the GXV3275 phones? Like the gent above says… should be an easy fix. Landscape/Portrait fail in apps is sort of ridiculous… Please let us know if anything will be done to remedy this challenge.