Inviting contact group to conference via IVR


Is it possible to invite a contact group to a conference room via IVR or is the only way to do so through the web UI? I want to be able to use that feature, but I will not be giving PBX access to end users.


You can state that the user calls the office number that hits the IVR and then provide a dial 5 for the conference room and associated password that they need to enter it.


Or you can designate separate number that dial directly to conference.


They can already dial in using a DID, this is in reference to inviting them to the meeting by somebody already in - push 0 or 1 to invite (with or without permission) you can get the system to dial their extension or phone number to bring them in, without their having to dial anything.

Through the web UI you can click a button and everybody in the group gets a call from the system telling them to join the conference, but from what I can tell the IVR only lets you invite people one at a time.


The office person can dial them direct and transfer them to the conference.


Oh i see.
You want to have possibility to sent invite to contact group from Conference IVR.

It is in IVR already ? (just need specify which and sent password) as admin you can do it always (no need allow user to do it)


Ah - I must have had an older version of the documentation. What I had only listed options 0 and 1.



Check firmware and model you have.


The feature is there, it was only my documentation that was an older version.

I have discovered that it won’t let me add an extension homed on the PBX at the other location - I can dial between the two sites without difficulty, but a conference room on PBX1 can’t include an extension hosted on PBX2 in the group. I CAN invite a cross-device extension manually using the 0/1 option, I just can’t save it to the contact group.


Just add it as external number?


Hadn’t thought of trying that, but e’gads, it works!