Internal use of Call Queue and virtual queue?


We have a UCM6302 and use 1 call queue for our front desk. This works well for our clients and I was thinking maybe it could also work for our internal staff. It would be great if when someone in the business needed to speak with an agent that they could go into the call queue and be put in the virtual que. This would allow the agents to keep servicing customers and when it was the turn of someone in the business, then they would get a call back. Is there a way that this could be set up? Maybe a different call queue with the same agents? Maybe some direct dial number for extensions that the a call queue could dial back directly?
We use gxp 2135, 2160, and 2170 phones.

Thanks for any thought on the subject.


Internal users can dial the Call que number ie 6500 directly.


They sure can! And how would the virtual queue work then if the internal user use it? Isn’t looking for a 10 digit call back number? I think that who ever answers needs to press 1 to verify that they want the call back and if I use the company phone number then it will call back the initial client queue and then there will be no one to press 1 thus it will fail right? Any thought on how to make this work Jeff?


The call back will go to the extension. It picks up the caller ID as the Extension


Thank you very much. Worked as you stated. One issue is that the virtual queue won’t kick in unless all agents are busy/unavailable. Would be great if you could go into it if agents are not answering and then when they answer it calls you back.

Thanks for the help