Internal calls 603 declined


Just finished doing the step upgrade to the final firmware version on 6102. Noticed today that al lteh internal calls now are getting a 603 declined. Cant figure whats doing this, been working for years


Does this mean that when one local extension dials another local extension, the call fails?
Can an extension reach VM?


yes extension to extension gives an immediate 603 declined. Voicemail is working ok

thinking about this we also changed our trunk provider after upgrading to, they dont require a trunk to be registered so had turned that off on their trunk

I think another part of this may be entertwined. I cant have a inbound rule that hands off to an extension, if it goes to IVR first then I can have a press x and xfer to an extension



So, I’m having the same issue today. I don’t see how as I haven’t updated anything for a few weeks but, never the less, I’m getting error 603 and out of the blue I’ve got extensions that won’t register.

6204 running and a variety of phones on my system, some GS, some Pylycom, some Mitel. Nothing is registering except the GDS3710 and the GXV3275.

Very odd.


Just cant seem to run this one down. my extensions are registering fine, ,just cant call each other without a 603 error. Not quite sure why a 603 would be showing anyway


Delete one extension, re-create and see what happens. Or create a new one so as to leave the existing one alone and try



just finished re-creating m extension to no avail


meant to add. Its interesting I can dial the ivr extension 7000 and voice mail ok just no phone extensions


I can only suggest submitting a ticket.


yep thanks thats where I was heading


I am guessing the system is in need of a replacement. I suppose you could factory reset and restore a backup as nothing to lose and see.


well I was thinking i might step up to the 6201 have you tried it yet


6301? no, have not.


Good day .

Im trying to setup a bandwidth trunk,everything works except the outbound call, do you have the number formatting to put in the outbound rules.



Please start a new thread as the issue is not apparently related to the one you posted under. Also, include a screenshot of the format that you are currently trying to use.