Intermittent high pitched voices with GS Wave


GS Wave
The issue occurs on two phones:

  • HTC One / Android 4.4.2
  • Wiley Fox Swift 2 Android 8.1.0
    and two Asterisk servers (V8 & V10)

Using the GS Wave installed on two Android phones I have an issue with the received audio where it is much higher pitched than it should be, almost like the caller has inhaled helium!

To test this, I have used the Asterisk echo test as well as live calls to other people. The remote party hears the audio fine, this only affects received sound.

I have tried a variety of codecs and other settings which doesn’t seem to make a difference. The issue is intermittent, sometime 1 in 10 calls, other times 9 in 10 calls.

If it would help, I can take a recording and link to it.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks.


I thought I would take a recording using the Wave built-in record function and the recorded file does not demonstrate the problem.

Therefore it must not be an issue on the server / SIP side but something to do with the way that Wave is playing the files.

One of the devices tested is used frequently for mobile calls and other media which does not have this issue elsewhere. The other is a fresh install with no other apps apart from GS Wave.

The issue occurs almost every call to a human but seems less frequent when calling the echotest service.