Interface management


I would like to know if on the interface RJ45, i can have a sub interface with another IP ?
The first IP for conected with my SBC
a Second IP for management/admin
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And device is ?


oh ! i’m sorry on the GXW4232



I hope there is management option in GXW42XX.
So you can use it as per your requirement.


The GXW is not a SBC, but an analog gateway. The NIC and drivers within the device can accommodate 1 IPv4 address and 1 IPv6 address, so it is not able to do as you wish.


I read in a doc “GXW42xx_usermanual.pdf”
Enable management interface:
An interface for HTTP/HTTPS/SSH, the management interface will be a
VLAN interface if management VLAN is configured and different to
service VLAN, otherwise, a sub interface will be created on service
Sub interface can only be configured with a static IP address without the
default gateway if both management and service interface are using the
same VLAN the management interface will automatically use the
gateway of the service interface.

that’s why i’m asking the question


Then enable the interface and see if the device offers the opportunity to enter in a different or secondary IP.


unfortunately I don’t have any equipment, that’s why I inquire before buying it.


Then I will have to defer to someone else. I also only have the V1 versions and they no longer make those as they now are on the v2. I suppose a change may have occurred, but I do not know that.