Integrate gds3710 on gxp2170



I have a residential project
i have gds3710 intercom and 3 gxp2170 ip phones
and i have avaya ip500 v2 as sip server
i was trying to get the gds3710 video on the phones , its successful when use to call virtual number via direct ip , but when we call the phones on the sip extenstions , no video appear , what could be the problem ?


codec and settings that the IP Office is using.


i didnt understand


Does the IP Office support video codecs and how is the media directed?

When you direct dial, the two device are communicating to one another.

When you SIP dial, the messaging is going to and from the IP Office and if the media is also going thru the IP Office, then it needs to support h264 video codecs.


IP office do not support video AFAIR.
Also i have terrible experience with this.

If you plan to see mjpeg(video) on GXP then as far i know you must use IP calls or UCM series as video is sent via XML link which most server remove. GXP series do not have normal H.264 codec it was never planed.


i think it doesnt support h264
what the solution ?


Thank you Marcin
You mean that i must use ucm series pbx to let us see the gds3710 video on gxp2170 phones ??


According to the Spec Sheert, the GXP 2170 does not support any video codecs. It only has audio codecs. You need to look at a GXV level phone rather than GXP if using the IP-Office is a must or, you can take a look at the guide and see how it might apply to your situation.

If you still want to try and use the IP-Office, then as Marcin points out this may not be possible, but you might check with any Avaya forums or their support as they would know more about what their product can or cannot support.


Thank you ipneblett

what i understood that if i plan to use the avaya ip office i must have a phone with video codecs instead of gxp2170 phones right ?

and as marcin mentioned if i use ucm with gds3710 and gxp2170 phones i can call the gxp phones and got a video streaming ???

and about direct ip call , there is no way to call more than ip when the bell ringing ??


IP office: yes, you need phones with video

UCM: Yes, it is not video, it is MJPEG stream 5 picture/s - you can treat it as video for end user.

IP: new firmware allow few IP or numbers or mix i think (last not tested)


With regard to your first question about the Avaya -

There are 3 elements involved, the phone, the GDS and the IP-Office. Each must be compatible with the other in order to communicate to and from one another with the IP-Office acting as the mediator in between. If the IP Office cannot handle the media streams needed to relay from the GDS to a phone, then direct IP dialing is the only option as shown in the manual as this will by-pass the IP-Office.

The GDS spec sheet indicate that m-jpeg and h.264 are supported.
The IP-Office must still support the video formats or at least allow media stream re-direction so that the media flows directly between the GDS and GXP. If the IP-Office will setup the call between the devices and then allow the devices to re-INVITE between themselves, then it may work; hence why I suggested getting to an Avaya specific forum.

The bottom line is that you want to get video from a door to a phone and if you want to use the IP-Office:

      a) the IP-Office must accommodate and pass the needed codec or format thru it to the phone, or 
      b) the IP_Office cannot accommodate the codec/media format, then it must allow media stream 
          redirection so that the two endpoints communicate media streams directly between one another

If neither of the above is an option, then you will need to use direct IP dialing as shown in the manual. I cannot say about more than one IP. Marcin has better insight into this area.

If video is that important, then you have two options for a more seamless transition:
1, See what Avaya has that can accommodate the need
2. Change the IP-Office for a UCM and then convert/re-provision the existing Avaya phones and manually provision.


Thank you marcin
i am now plan to use ip office with gds and gxv3370
as you said it will works :slight_smile:


Um, no. You can use GXP 2170 with GDS3710 including video:


That was indicated "The IP-Office must still support the video formats or at least allow media stream re-direction so that the media flows directly between the GDS and GXP

The issue was whether or not the IP-Office would flow the stream.


I was referring to the opening sentences “the GXP 2170 does not support any video codecs. It only has audio codecs”. If the issue is indeed with the IP Office and not with the phone, then suggesting a GXV level phone wouldn’t help either.


Keep in mind that the initial post stated the desire to pass video thru an IP-OfficeV2 system.

The original poster also stated -

So, it was already known that the GXP and GDS would work with direct -IP calling.

You will also note, that I posted the same document that you reference.

The thread needs to be examined such that the context is maintained. Picking a single sentence out without understanding the nature in which the statement was made may cause some to arrive at an incorrect conclusion.

While I did not state it at the time -

Avaya published a paper documenting the results and setup with a different make of SIP enabled door phone and video capable softphone in 2012 and specifically stated that video was passed using h.263+ and h.264. The test was using R8.0 on the Avaya platform. As a result, A GXV phone does indeed offer a possible solution to the situation…provided that the IP-Office system has the right codecs and is configured correctly.
I suggested that contact be made with Avaya about the issue.

In any event, if you took the statement incorrectly and assumed that I was indicating that a GXP could not be used with the GDS, my apologies as that was certainly not the intent. This was about using the two end-point with an IP-Office in-between.


I haven’t had the need to integrate a GDS with an IP Office but recently I have tried with 3CX using 2140, 2130 and 2170 handsets. If I register the GDS3710 with 3CX and call an extension I get audio and can unlock the door but no video. If I make a direct IP call to the 3710 there’s no answer.
If I use direct IP the call from the 3710 appears to ring but the target extension doesn’t alert. However a 3370 and 3240 delivers both video and audio and door unlock functionality as expected.
I raised a support ticket with GS and had this reply

Kindly note that GXP21xx series support audio and video (JPEG) when integrated with GDS. For that the GDS includes a “CALL-INFO” header where the URL from which the GXP will get the image in order to display the JPEG stream on the LCD. the 3CX server didn’t forward the CALL-INFO sent from the GDS towards the GXP and this is why no video stream is displayed on the LCD of GXP. Please see attached a screenshot showing the Call-info header dent by the GDS in normal case.

Screenshot from GS

Testing with a UCM6510 and a UCM6202 in the workshop gives video and audio on all the 21XX handsets.
The upshot is its not a codec issue rather the PBX delivering the CALL-INFO header. I’m still unsure as to why the direct IP call doesn’t deliver video but it has been reproduced by the my distributor and passed back to GS.
I’ll pull out an IP Office next week and try it out


@rtl: For the direct IP call or IP-Peering call, two things need to pay attention:

  1. the port need to be correct. Say if you are using Account 2 in the SIP device, then default port should be correct, for example Grandstream phones are using port 5062 so you need to input at GDS doorbell UI: IP_Address:Port and using “,” to seperate them if multiple IP addresses are required to accept the call.
  2. make sure the media port is FIXED or STATIC. In some Grandstream phone, you have to adjust and set the “User Random Port” to “NO” to have the direct IP call feature to work as expected.

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710.


Yes I know that, its still didn’t work


Do you have internal firewall? Try to capture wireshark trace at both phone and GDS side and file a support ticket, will see from the trace what happened. Thanks.