Installation best Practises



Each year more and more business and home users are interconnected via the internet which for the most part is a great thing, however there are those that prey on the honesty of people and their mistakes.

So I thought I would start this as my best installation practises for IP Telephone communications - Handsets/UCMs etc… for the office or home location.

  1. Always make sure the IP device is upgraded to the latest firmware that it can be

  2. Never use the device as the router

  3. If in doubt - ask questions here from the forum or hire a professional

  4. Always use an advanced router for deployments where you have external internet based communications such as VoIP SIP trunks, remote extensions, site to site locations or multi-site

  5. USE a GWN Router, Draytek, Sonicwall, Watchguard, Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, Cisco, Palo Alto, Juniper as the advanced router - there are other brands but the above are the most notable for advanced routing.

  6. Use PORT Forwarding from the ISP’s external address to your sites IP on the router to your UCM Telephone system or Handset - this goes for the in the Grandstream cloud services.

  7. UCM - use strong admin passwords - and if you have to give someone access make sure that you create a local admin for that user so you can manage the system usage and disable the user as needed

  8. If using remote extensions make sure that you white list only their External IP for that extension

  9. Always prioritise VoIP traffic as the highest level over normal data transmissions, it doesn’t matter if someone browsing opens a web page in half a second, but to do that to a conversation and you will be speaking as if you are stuttering or talking down a tunnel.

  10. Never adjust and make changes / alter a UCM without taking a current back up first - when things go wrong you need to be able to go back to a recent backup rather than one from months ago or even worse no back up at all.

There are other things on other Grandstream installers lists however these are just points of difference to help you in your endeavours and to provide questions and a talking point. If in doubt, ask away here on the forum in the respective area.


Thought I’d add my favorite P Codes to this effort, Kev.

Grandstream P Codes

*P1376 1 Attended Transfer
*P1377 City Weather App City Code
*P1379 c Weather App Celsius
*P1405 0 City Code Self Defined
*P1439 1 Speaker Ring Headset On
*P6752 1 CPU Via DSS Key
*P8375 0 Maint Upgrade
P6779 1 EHS On
P1561 1 Click to Dial On
P8344 1 Affinity Enable
*P26072 1 Intercom Warning Tone
P8401 0 Call Waiting Pop Up Off
P26060 100-250 DTMF Delay Time
*P6764 1 Disable Active DSS
P6760 1 Call Record On
P6761 0,1 Record Location- 0= Default, 1=USB
P8387 1 Show Date Time
P122 1 Time 12 Hour
P1488 [1]XXX Internal Ring Define Local Number Range ie Ext 1XXX
P1489 1-3 Internal Ring Tones
*P2918 0,1 Screensaver 0=No, 1=Yes
P2919 3-60 Screensaver Timeout 3-60 Minutes
*P2380 0,1 Account Display 0=User Name, 1=User ID
P130 1 SIP Transport is TCP
P8400 1 Sync DSS Backlight
P8398 1-3 Custom Ring Tone


AD5. you can add Fortigate to ruters.

  1. For external site use VPN if possible over everything, best also with mobile phones. it make your life more happy (less problems).
  2. Check How To Guides for UCM and GS youtube video tutorials channel: GrandstreamNetworks , they explain how to set something instead of button explain(manual).

13. IF you ask for help on forum prepare yourself to correctly and fully explain what you want achieve, not what you set (you can set it wrong and in incorrect place, many forum users are expert and can advice better way ).
14. Prepare to share logs (can be private message) as many errors have external source.
15. You can hire expert if you want to have job done and fast (many expert are all over world).


I would add, always (or at least on remote extensions) -> use a different auth-id
201 - 201 - pswd
201 - foo - pswd
In the first case, the perpetrator has two values out of three, in the second case, he has only one safe value.
On a security level, it seems to me to be a perfect solution.

201-201-201 LOL :slight_smile:


I almost always reach the limit of 50, I prefer the phone to do what I say :slight_smile:
The only problem is that there is no tool to date to import / export custom models.