Input Jacks


The input jacks (LAN/WAN/T1) are on the back of the unit. I think in terms of usability and management it would be beneficial for them to be located on the front of the unit, much like on the 6510. Since the GXW4501 is designed for rack mount deployment with the integrated ears, it is more difficult to manage with the input jacks on the back of the unit.


Good point. Though I can see this going both ways. On the one hand, you want easy access to the jacks. On the other, you don’t want them easily dislodged or damaged.

Tough call.


Since most of the troubleshooting on PRI/T1/E1 would involve third party / carrier tech, it would be more practical to have the accessibility just so there is less chance to create a bigger problem by removing the physical hardware from a service standpoint.


For lan/wan its no problem if they stay back. But the t1 line should be located in front. Even for my tests in the office i have it out of the rack. If there is a carrier problem and a tech comes then the GW should be removed or have access from behind in order to remove cable.


Yeah, i wonder why they add PRI on back.


Right. LAN/WAN ok to be on back, troubleshooting E1 with service provider on the back of the rack it’s non-practical n/or a “best practice”.


I agree T1 should be on the front.