Initiate a call


Is there anyway to initiate a call from the 16/24/32 port gateways? Customer has a push button there and wants to use it as a “call button” to place a call to a pre-determined number.

How can I do that?



Yes, the devices can be programmed so that when the line goes off-hook, it will auto-dial the pre-programmed number. However, I do not know what a push button is in this context.


Think of a class room. There is a speaker there and a “call the office” button. I am looking to see if this device has some sort of input for the call button to iniitate the call. Or “any” way to initiate the call. I have no way to actually come off-hook as the connection will be a speaker. not a phone.




As the device (GXW) is a telephone device, there is no provision for a push button (NO/NC) momentary contact to cause a given port to go off-hook and dial.