Initial unboxing and setup feedback


Am a bit behind most people here - didn’t get my unit until late last week.

OK, so we’re clearly not talking about iPhones here, but even so, the presentation of the unit in the box is a bit uninspiring - especially as I think the phone looks more expensive than earlier versions.

Documentation, as ever, is limited and of poor quality. Just do away with it and just provide a card with a link; will also save a lot of paper.

Well, not exactly difficult to push the stand into the base. But as many have said, the cable stick out and it doesn’t stay flat.

of more concern would be the bend radius of a cat6a cable with the base - likely to be a bit tight. Also, at first you think ‘hey, i’ll feed those cables through the hole…’ ha ha ha, that isn’t gonna work! Wall mounted looks the best option.

To be honest, I do prefer the DP750 base station in that respect.

POE Support
Tried on a few switches and all works well.

Loved the way it found the nearest base station - nice, easy connection.

Connecting to the DP752
I have having to look for a default password on the actual device. Sure, a bit more secure - but just takes a bit longer to get things up and running. Just my humble opinion.

That’s it so far. Will be up and running properly today so will add more.



Also - much prefer using standard batteries - like AA or AAA compared to what was supplied. Must be cheaper as well?

And, I didn’t like that the unit switched on as soon as the battery was inserted,


As a new device, docs always come after. However, you can refer to DP750/720 manual for most things.

Now that the phone is available, give them a week or two and the docs will be updated to reflect the new features.


Really? Just turn it off if that’s so a deal breaker.

An iPhone turns on when plugged. An Android boots when the battery is inserted. That’s not an unknown behavior.


But that’s the point - which you have clearly missed - I shouldn’t have to turn it off, because I never switched it on in the first place. And, when was the last time you were able to insert a battery into an iphone? :wink:

As for Android, I just checked my Note4 - and it DOESN’T power up the moment the battery is inserted.

Remember,just my opinion.

I should choose when the device switches on, especially when the battery compartment is still open.


Even on shipping products the documentation is far from fantastic - mono, small fonts, bad paper…

Again, in my opinion, just provide a card with a link - no worries then about out of date documents being in boxes.


OH - and I also dislike that the phone powers up again after being switched off and placed back on the charger…


I can understand but I have a lot of DECT phones and they all power up when battery is inserted. Just turn it off if needed (I never turn off a phone obviously).

I don’t want to be rude, but what part of BETA didn’t you get? Also, most Grandstream devices don’t come with a lot of docs. Everything is online.

I HAVE to agree on that tho. After you turn it off, it should stay OFF even if put in the cradle. @grandstream he’s got a point here.


I just opened up an older DP720 that was sealed and on the shelf. VERY little - if any - difference in the quantity and quality of the materials. As an owner of a substantial amount of Grandstream kit - phones, cameras, UCMs etc, I can say with a certain amount of authority that the documentation supplied is very basic. As you say, it’s all online anyway - so why not make the jump to online only?


Grandstream have great devices made with solid materials. They feel strong.

However, they could include a QR code or card with the link to all docs, I agree.


Quick manual is MUST in box in some countries. This is minimum what law demand.
Quality - i seen much worse :slight_smile:


Hi Marcin,
Do you mean the quick manual feels much worse or the DP752 itself? your feeling of the product is important to us. :slight_smile:


The product feels good :slight_smile:
The basic manuals feel cheap :slight_smile: But as stated above, may be a legal requirement in some countries - so point noted.


Manual - it is cheap paper. I really do not care as 99,99% do not read it anyway.