Information heasdet GS


I was browsing the headset products sold by Grandstream,

the GUV series, and I was wondering why USB headset, BT headset but there is no wired headset plug 4/4,
I couldn’t give myself an answer.


You answered your own question - USB Headsets that pair with laptops, computers, IP phones and other devices to offer high-quality sound.

I know of no computer, laptop or tablet with a Rj12. I guess there are enough others that make headsets with Rj12, BT or Dect to satisfy the need.


something like could work
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hi Larry,

for example I wanted to use the headset with GS GXP16XX, GXP17XX, GXP21XX, GRP260X, GRP26XX … phones (I guess USB equipped phones are compatible with GUV3000 / 3005),
I must necessarily turn to the competition, I find it strange that GS has not thought of a headset for this type of need.


hi Neeraj,

you know better than me that if you start using third-party adapters, when you have half a problem, nobody solves the problem, I’m a GS user, I want to be able to use all GS products, otherwise I turn to the competition,
an account if GS did not have any headphones on the list, a choice to be respected, but if you put headphones on you must satisfy at least 90% of the needs.

Then of course they are my opinions.


hi @GSSupport74,

sorry if i disturb,
is there an answer to my perplexity?


for use with UPS power supply


I am using a GUV3050 over priced and terrible design the stand keeps falling off , I as for the corded headsets its a disaster unfortunately for GS there are just to many good headsets I like everything with one name its juts looks nice but The yealink offering is amazing and excellent price point.

I hear you We like GS that’s why I use the guv3050 but to a pc and I live with it terrible design but a client they wont share my choices.
try to ask your distributor if you can have one on trial and see how you find it you have to use both hand to dock the thing to charge.


I know its not the exact thing but the idea sorry I should have found the correct link I have seen it RJ11 to usb male/ female converter


I wanted to get there, is it possible that a GS installer must necessarily go to other vendors to have a basic product in telephony? In my opinion it is a bad commercial choice on the part of GS.

also on the forum there is no GUV theme, strange this thing, you cannot open a new post with the GUV theme, unless I see it.


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! USB interface and Bluetooth is more widely used under most office scenarios. I will also pass your suggestions to our development for evaluation. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!