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Hi, everybody,

I wanted to ask for some WebRTC advice on UCM6510,
the GS instructions give as a limit on UCM6510 the number of participants = 15
I was wondering if using only the audio part so not using the video part the participants can be more.
For example a scenario where 100 users are connected in WebRTC to UCM6510, obviously the conversations are not 100 simultaneous but for example 20/30, do you think there may be resource problems or everything could work regularly?



I know Marcin will state you can do more, but the settings are there to try and keep the resources of the telephone system to be used as just that.

Now given that WEBRTC was introduced due to other manufacturers advertising unified communications perhaps they are playing catch up to say the UCM can to, because the cpu or memory power to satisfy the resource hungry application is limited.


just for the “limited” resources I wanted to know if someone had experience, I opened a ticket and the answer was “read the manual”, I prefer not to comment.