Info HA100



I’m setting up a UCM6510, at the moment I don’t need HA100 (which I’ve never used), I was wondering if I should use it in the future if I need to touch the UCM6510 “master” settings or if I just need to buy a second UCM6510 + n°1 HA100 and make the various connections.
Who has already used it, do you find it useful and reliable?

p.s.: I am currently using fw, I will not use fw 1.0.20.xx until it is stable, I do not think it is a problem with the above requirements.

Thank you for any answers you may give me.



I have the HA100 in use, never had a problem with. Using it at a multi-campus school district


so I guess it’s easy to install and especially for the moment I don’t have to worry about the UCM6510 “MASTER”?



From what little I saw in the installation guide it appeared to me that adding a second one later with the HA100 would be simple.

We bought two 6510’s and the HA100 at the onset for our installation. I think the only hitch was the first software update required that I reboot the 2nd unit. The latest software installation handled that properly.


I’ve got one running. I’m having troubles, GS is investigating.

It used to work great. Now, I can’t get it to fail over. Triple checked cables, it just isn’t working.

I’ll update when I have an answer.


thank @costwisewpg you for your valuable advice


Did this happen after upgrading firmware?


Any update on this? I have a hospital seriously considering my efforts to add the admin phones to the 6308 and add a 4501 PRI as well. They would be coming out of the venerable (and nearly indestructible CS1K/Option11c) so these are big shoes to fill. They are asking about HA and I have no experience with it yet…


I honestly don’t recall the resolution but, it was resolved in a couple of weeks. Been fine since.