Incorrect Extension Names on GXP2170 Displays After Update


Today, one of our office staff (“Lorenza”) needed an update to a speed dial entry on her GXP2170. I made the change via Zero Config on our UCM6204, and updated her phone. Ever since then, all of the BLF extensions on the first page of her display show “Lorenza” as the name. I rebooted her phone, and the UCM, but there’s been no change. I tried the same operation on my GXP2170, and now all of my page-1 extensions show as “Bob”. We’re running the latest firmware on the phones and the UCM. Any ideas?

Update: When I logged into the phones directly, rather than through the UCM, I could see that the 6 VPKs with the problems had somehow been changed from “BLF” to “Default”. I changed them back, and now all is well. But I still don’t know why they changed in the first place.


on zero config have you updated the GXP2170 template?


No - I’ll check that next week. Thanks.