Inconsistent PBX Registration


I have 5 iPhones running wave lite, connecting to a TP-link router and thence to a 6105 PBX.
They always connect fine to the router. But their registrations on the PBX is spotty. Sometimes one will
not register. Another time two different ones will not register. What is wrong here?

  • UCM610X is EOL
  • UCM6105 does not exist
  • first make sure you have the updated FW
  • make sure you have done the correct NATs and especially in ACL


2 x bad elements right there in my opinion. Consider using a commercial grade of softphone and router - Draytek/Mikrotik/Sophos etc…


Sorry, 6102.
I upgraded to the latest firmware and it made no difference.
Not sure what you mean bt NAT and ACL.




This is volunteer work for local emergency organizations. No money to buy new things.



if I were you, first of all, I would worry about security (ACL above), to avoid receiving unexpected invoices and charges.



The security and functionality is not a matter of “buying new things” it is a matter of buying the right tools for the job to provide the solution.

You can run a business style firewall on a retired PC with minimal requirements using the likes of PFSense. Consider using PFSense rather than the likes of a residential grade device. There are other good firewalls that are SIP friendly.

Zoiper, the softphone is free for non-commercial usage.