Incoming calls going directly to voicemail



I have a weird glitch right now. When people are calling my company, when they make the extension of the person they want to talk to something weird is happening:
1- Sometimes dialing the extension just won’t work. People are not redirected at all although it works most of the time.
2- When they dial the extension they go directly to the voicemail without having the phone rining at all.

I was wondering if you ever saw something like that
Thanks in advance for your help


Let’s talk about the path between the three points.
Ext 1
phone system
Ext 2

It is the phone system that holds voicemail.

So, if you are calling from extension to extension and immediately hit voicemail something like this is occurring.

so if Ext 1 calls Ext 2
Ext 1 sends call to phone system, phone system tries to reach Ext 2 and fails, phone system sends call to VM

I would do a packet capture on the phone system and look at the traffic between the phone system and ext 2, something is getting blocked/redirected/lost there.

What Phone system are you using?
What Phone?
What are their firmware versions?


This means that the device is not registered with the PBX. There are a multitude of reasons that the device might not be connected, so can’t provide specific help on this issue. If the problem is intermittent, then it would be network-related, such as an IP conflict or a fail2ban block – there are countless possibilities.

Verify that the device is not registered and then check your PBX logs for errors.