Incoming call not working


While calling to the number. In UCM line is blinking but am not getting call in IP phone. Please help to solve the issue


I’ve been trying to help you all day, I’ve given you some things to do, if you don’t cooperate the problem remains as it is, it’s useless to just answer “it doesn’t work” without writing down what has been done etc…


i tried what u mentioned earlier. Please help to sort out this issue.


if you want to download Anydesk,
you give me your rehearsed credentials and I look at five minutes


Thank You


Thank for your support.


practically the problem was that he inserted some values in the screen “CallerID Pattern” and obviously the calls didn’t enter


now works, if you want to try to enable “Use CallerID” on the analog trunk, so see the number of callers, if you find problems disable “Use CallerID”.
Always make a backup first


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Oh, hell… I liked it.


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He saved my day… thank you for support.


@Balaji02 would be appreciated if you leave a like and the “solution” button :slight_smile:


where i can find solution button?


"like" is the icon of the “little heart” next to my answer, instead “solution” is always next to my answer by pressing the button with the three dots


thanks, just 1 like and 1 key solution was enough


Dear Mr. Damiano. I cannot find the key solution icon


don’t worry, it’s just for future users looking for the problem


hi damiano. i have also same issue which balaji02 have.kindly let me know what exactly i had to do. your quick response will be very valuable for me. thank you


to try and help you, you need the exact description of the problem and the scenario…