Incoming call not working


i configured my new IP PBX 6204 as below:-

  1. apply switch mode.
  2. fix static IP.
  3. Add analog Line.
  4. Create Extensions.
  5. Create outbound and inbound rules.
  6. registered Phones.

the problem that i can make outgoing calls but all incoming call not coming i don’t know why ? i need help with this issue because this is my first time with this appliance.


Did you port forward?
Did you set the SIP NAT settings to reflect the public IP or FQDN, check the SDP box and then add you local LAN at the bottom of the page.
Does the router have its SIP ALG disabled?


try reading here



Try using just an _X. inbound dial pattern


Thank you for all
the problem solved after i change the Caller ID Scheme in analog trunks to auto detect.


I had found this problem too, sometimes Grandstream changes behaviors without warning and without “helping the installer” and this is not very good.


Yup, always make sure you check your CID settings with analog trunks.
Analog lines are notorious for having issues on inbound calls if CID isn’t set right.

If it is enabled and you don’t have it on your line…issues.
If it isn’t enabled and you do have it on your line…issues.


set “auto” on incoming CID