Incoming call GXW4104


Hi im new in these things, im having an issue with my GXW4104.

This is it i have 3 phone lines connected into my GXW4104 with Elastix PBX it is all working as should be, the problem here is when im using one phone line, this one is busy, its ok but i want when this line is busy if i receive another call for the busy one, i want to transfer to the another phone line available, it can be a little confusing but plseas i need help with this i have like 2 weeks trying to do this



You need to speak to your telephone line provider and ask for Line Hunt / Rotary line set up.

So that if a call to the 1st line is busy, the call then is presented to the 2nd line or 3rd if line 1 and 2 are busy.
It is nothing to do with the telephone system, it does not control the “line hunt” your telephone line provider does.


Thank you very much for answering

I don’t know anything about “Line hunt”, but i was sure that the GXW4104 has a way to do this, is simple is just transfer a call to another line when the current line is “Busy”. in the elastix PBX i have a trunk for each phone line. is there no a way to do it?


The telephone carrier provides you with 3 individual PSTN lines…

If line 1 was busy the telephone carrier needs to forward the next call to the first line number to the second line and so forth. This service is called Line Hunt or Rotary service from the telephone carrier. The GXW4104 can’t provide the line hunt, the telephone carrier service has to.



Ok i understand thanks for answering just to finish this, if my telephone Carrier doenst have that kind of service, and the GXW4104 cant provide it, maybe do you know any other gateway that could do it?

I was looking at this one

i can see the option “Line hunt” in it could this GXW4004 work for me?


ask the telephone carrier to provide line hunt on the main advertised number …


i’ve already ask they just told me that the service they have is call forward


Do all your three lines have the same number?


And see if they can/will mask the outbound caller Id for the second and third line so that when you make a call, regardless of which line is used to do so, the other end only sees the main number.


ofc no, they are different numbers…


ask the telephone carrier to call forward on busy line 1 to line 2 to line 3… a pseudo line hunt


I dont want that call forward only works when there is no answer, i want to transfer the call when the line is BUSY, and call forward only transfer the call when there is no answer


there is no logic to allow reroute of calls from line 1 when it is busy to line 2 - that has to occur at the telephone carrier


Hunt is a provider function and only works if a line is busy, they will seek an open line.

Transfer is done by the PBX according to the rules you have established for no answer and has nothing to do with the provider or the GXW, but Elastix as the call was delivered to the destination; its just that the destination did not answer same.


No i dont think the PBX has to be something here, because the calls pass trough the GXW4104 and then send the call to the PBX, but the GXW4104 when a phone line is busy and it receives another call for the same phone line, the GXW4104 puts the “busy tone” in the second call, i dont want that what i want its to transfer that second call to the another free line phone


The gateway doesn’t put the busy tone in. Each line has a different number so when a call is active and another call arrives for that number the exchange will return busy.
What you need to do is get your phone company to add a forward on busy on each line.
I don’t know if you can do this yourself (in the UK we can use dial codes from a handset to set up forwarding)


Yeah its Right what you said, i can set up a forwarding, but that forwarding only will works when there is no answer, i want it when the line is busy. I want to know if i can do that with this GXW4104


Not it won’t work. The exchange detects when the line is busy and sends busy to the caller. Unless you have a forward on busy there’s no way you can know the call was attempted


Sorry, but 3 folks have all answered your question with the same response. I work with other gateways besides GS and they all do the same as it is the telephone provider who controls and it is hunt on their end.

The link you provided is for a FXS (4004) gateway, not FXO (4104). They are two different devices and have different purposes and therefor different functionality.

Call the provider.


unfortunately this is going no where… it is an upstream telephone carrier / telephone exchange service that is not activated on the PSTN lines and edwin needs to go back to them and request line hunt or pseudo line hunt through busy call forwarding, else this will not work.