Incoming call format in e.164



Please assist, where can i find the setting on the Grandstream gxw4104 that allows me to set the incoming caller ID format to appear in e.164 format


What is the issue? This is an FXO device which takes a PSTN call and converts it into SIP, The PSTN call is carrying the CID, so the question becomes if the delivering PSTN provider is delivering CID and in the format you need. Then, I assume the output of the GXW is being delivered to a PBX which may also have some requirements about what it need to see and in which field (request URI or the To header.


Yes, the assumption is correct. The PBX is expecting the CID in e.164 format which the PSTN is not providing


in that case you need a trace to see where the gateway is delivering the CID, get the PBX to look there and configure an inbound dial plan to route the call accordingly


You have to adjust the PBX to conform. The GWX is merely a interface to convert from analog to SIP, it can only deliver what it is provided and has no provision for CID manipulation.


Okay understood. We’ll redo the inbound rule on the PBX SIP trunk. Thought there was a little more functionality on the GWX. Thanks for the help


As @lpneblett pointed out, the gateway simply passes the call from the POTS interface to SIP and vice versa. Its the responsibility of the PBX to process the call


Nope sorry, the receiving device that processes the message is the one that has to adopt to the delivery mechanism, the GXW is nothing but a messenger as are most gateways. You can only process what you receive and the gateway doesn’t use the info, merely translates it so the PBX can read and decipher the message.


Thank you very much @lpneblett and @rtl :slightly_smiling_face: