Incoming call Active/Idle


Trying to figure out what to tell the phone company to check on their end…
We’ve had issues recently with the local phone provider changing their programming which has caused issues on our end.
Phone system was working fine until about 3-4 days ago.
The phone tech out today said that in their (the phone companies) programming they had a “double hunt group”. Incoming calls on line 1 would appear to be busy, so it would hunt to line 2. Line 2 was set to hunt to line 1.
So they “got that fixed” today…
So now I can call out on any line, but any incoming call on the grandstream on the status screen will fluctuate from orange/green (active/idle). The GS never picks up the call.
Trying to figure out what to have the phone company check on their end.

[Edit since ticket was closed]: This is different from the other issue. Previous was complete failure if CallerID was enabled. This is a call is detected and then not detected. CallerID enabled or not. I’m guessing it’s an issue on their end since the GS at least sees an incoming call.



It is anlogue line ?
If you try disable Use CallerID on analogue trunk to see if this “solve” problem.
If yes then provider must change caller ID format.


Hunt is a process by which when a line is busy, the call will “roll” to the next line in the hunt group in the hopes of finding a non-busy line. The provider may use a circular or a linear hunt. What you describe is akin to a circular hunt. A linear hunt starts at some point in the group and will return a busy if and when the last number in the hunt group is reached and no lines were available. A circular will go back to the beginning and start over. Some providers were/are(?) unable to mask the CID to the primary line on outbound calls, As a result callers would get calls from a given site and the CID would reflect the line CID over which the call was made. Of course, the caller would store and return the calls using the non-primary number which could have been anywhere else in the hunt group other than the primary. As a result, if the site has 6 lines for instance and the caller called back in using the received CID of line 5, they would only check line 6 in a linear hunt and if busy return a busy and never check the other lines that a circular hunt might afford.

In any event, you should rerun the FXO tests as lines do and will change and see what happens,

I see you posted twice about the same issue and got it resolved, so never mind.,