Inbound Rule with time condition


I have UCM6102 version 1.0.18 installed in our company. I have a analog trunk connected with FXO1. I want to set an inbound rule so that if any one from outside call our company # .

During Outside of office hours I’d like to forward the call to external mobile number.

I configure the time settings (office hours) and also the time condition that i want after working hours all the calls will be forwarded to external mobile number.


Since you only have 1 x physical line it is not possible to forward the call because there is no other physical lines to use.

eg for a call in you need another resource to make a call out. so 1 call in means you have to have 2 lines for the call to go out.
Caller rings in to line 1, the call is forwarded to the mobile by line 2.

Only other way is to have the mobile connect to the ucm via the internet. Using Zoiper / Bria / Microsip softphone running on the mobile, and using the mobile’s internet data as the connection for the external leg along with the ucm having its data internet connection for that leg to the mobile.

Otherwise there is no physical possibility to make the call to the mobile.


Thanks for the Information. Have a nice day.