Inbound routing by area code


We have a client with four locations sharing one 6208 (on They have a single toll-free number, and they want inbound calls routed to specific locations depending on the area code their customers are calling from.

Currently we have that set up and working using four inbound routes, however any area codes not specifically entered into the “CallerID Pattern” field are not able to call in to the system. Is there a way to tell the system to route calls based on area codes, but then also allow any other area code not specified to be directed to the main location?

I haven’t figured this one out, hopefully someone on here has the answer!


you have to set the field correctly “CallerID Pattern”,
see notes for using x characters etc…
Of course, make sure that the number arrives at the UCM with the exact numbers you want.


Perhaps add an anything pattern as an Inbound Route. AFAIR, Inbound Routes are processed based on the one that is the best match, so your four other routes should take precedence.


Thank you drostoker, that did the trick. I made a false assumption that since the routes can’t be ordered simply adding a non-restricted route wouldn’t work. Glad I was wrong and it was an easy fix!