Inbound routes


i have to use all three examples as DID


Yes, as I have no idea of what the provider.device may send.



I have no such problem.

SO, either you have some spaces at the end of the number or you need to upgrade the firmware as Damiano suggested…and you should anyway.


ok thx i m gonna try now


you can try this

in inbound route pattern-- 28139494 and select extension on which you wants to land dis no…

so if somebody calls 28139494 will land on ext. 2003

same as for 2001


thx…I already did, but it doesn’t work


i upgrade my ucm6104 as you can see, did i not make any mistake


Catch packets.
You will see exactly what ITSP sent and where.

You can read wrong field where ITSP sent register name not CID.


If it possible for yr gateway. Would you like to try to setup the route on your gateway to send the call to specified destination, for example 11 for 1st port and 12 for 2nd one. On UCM side make the inbound rule with DID _11 with required destination for this GSM port and another one with DID _12 similarly.


ok let me explain you …i have two differents line 29173603 and 28139494…i want to receive the call of line 29173603 on my extension 2001 … and the call of line 28139494 on my extension 2003…but i receive all call only on my extension 2003


i m going to exchange some print screen with you


I’m not strong in your gateway device ability so, try to find there how to send the call from the line to SIP number, for example 11. If it possible use the guide above.


I understand the problem, and how to fix, what I do not know is what the gateway is delivering with regard to how the number is formatted.

Go to Maintenance, Network troubleshooting and make a call while doing a network capture. Once the call has been completed, end the capture and post the pcap file. You will need to do this for both numbers.


Ok i m goona show you



that s my gateway


Let’s try this. Please provide:

  1. A screenshot of your Inbound Routes
    2 A screenshot of your CDR after you make an inbound call to each line.


when i call the someone call the 28139494 and 29173603 , in result i got these two files


ok thx wait