Inbound routes


hi everybody…
How are you?
i have an ucm6102 and a portech gsm gateway mv-374.
i created 2 peer sip trunk for 2 differents line
i created 2 extensions 2001 and 2003
if someone call the 28139494 … extension 2003 must receive the call
if someone call the 29173603… extension 2001 must receive the call
but extension 2001 received both
i want to know the cause of this issue


What does the pattern look like in the inbound routes?








i m waiting for your help…thx


Not relevant to your question but, holy smokes that’s some old firmware your running.

Major security issues, you need to upgrade ASAP.


The issue is the .x.
It needs to be the DID as .x is a wildcard and will match any number; hence why the calls all go to the first rule…it matches all.


ok thx… i m gonna try now


i have to put the dot before or after


ok thx


There is no dot, just enter the DID. You may have to do a capture to see what the number being sent is for the format.


the DID was X. and i change it to .X, when i call the 29173603 the extension 2003 is ringing . i hang up i call the 28139494 the extension 2003 is ringing again


what DID i have to put


just put the X without dot


could you give me an example please


sorry if I tell you, but if I’m not mistaken your UCM61xx has a very old version of FW, I recommend you to update the FW as soon as possible


ok thx


You need to put the numbers that an outside caller dials to reach you. So, 29173603 for 1 rule and
28139494 for the other.

The issue is how to know what the GSM device delivers, Will it be +50929173603, 50929173603 or 29173603 or other?

Put all three of the examples in a rule and try.


ok thx … in this case i don t need to use the X