Inbound modes for individual routes monitored BLF


Hello All,

I’m having a hard time figuring out how to monitor the inbound mode for an individual route.

Looking at…

How to Manage Inbound Route and Outbound Route on the UCM6200/UCM6510 series

I see the following…

“Users can monitor and toggle a route’s inbound mode by using the Inbound Mode Suffix value either by itself
or by using it in combination with the global inbound mode.”

However, I’m unclear what to actually enter for the BLF. I’ve tried a few options, none of them work. Could someone explain?



In Inbound Routes, under Set Global Inbound Route, I just choose a random extension (usually 889 for no particular reason). Then I setup a BLF to monitor extension 889.

I have only done this with the Main Mode, so I am not sure if/how it would work with additional modes.



Thanks @drostoker

I have previously done that and it works a treat. However, I need to monitor an individual route.


Don’t think it’s possible as I have tested for that already and activating any incoming route lights the monitored BLF light. Would like to see that ability added to the UCM.


So, it was actually working. The BLF turns green right away if I’m setting up a global route like what @drostoker showed.

To get this working, it’s just as easy as you’d think, it just took a while for the BLF to sync and for the light to come on.

I setup the Inbound Mode Suffix to 88.
I setup the BLF to monitor 88.
It worked. After some time. I don’t know how long, I walked away and it was working when I came back.


Great, I’ll try that.


there is only one problem that I have already raised for some time, now the modes from 2 have become 10.
suppose to use 3 of them, Unfortunately the led situation of the BLF only brings red or green so it is not possible to use the third option for example flashing red or other so it would be perfect!



It works. Well done finding that.


I wonder if GS could prepend the key name. I could name the key something like Main Inbound. If I press the button, the key would now show up as “1 - Main Inbound” for mode one. Keep pressing the key to cycle through to the mode I want.

There would need to be a delay so I could cycle through, get to the mode I want and only after, for example, 5 seconds the system would switch to that mode.


An alternative might be to allow us to put in a separate BLF Subscription Number for each mode. So if we are just switching between Default Mode and another mode we can setup as many BLF keys as needed for any particular user.


I like that, I could see a side car with several keys representing modes only. Press the Mode 3 button (whatever it’s labeled) and it turns red. Press it again and it turns green and returns to default mode. I don’t think default mode needs to be represented as a key.

I do still like the prepend option to keep it to one key for situation where the customer doesn’t have a phone with many open keys.


Good idea +9



Can we make this happen?