Inbound direct dial to extension


I am trying to add a direct dial to an extension. I have an external number that routes to the the main trunk number at the provider. I have created an inbound rule that has a dial pattern of the external number. The inbound rule destination is the extension I want to ring and there are no time restraints.
When I dial the number for some reason it goes straight to the extension voicemail.
The extension status is "Idle and presence is “Available”


that extension, do you normally call it from the other extension?
Doesn’t it have forwards, dnds or other particular things?
If you don’t need to, deactivate the voicemail on that extension.


Assuming that it is indeed getting to the desired extension’s voicemail, then the route is correct. ]

If you dial the extension directly from another extension, what happens?

You can check to see that the rule created was not accidentally created to go to the voicemail of the extension by accident.
You can check and see if perhaps the extension is set to DND on the phone or by dial code within the PBX.


I removed the extension and recreated a new one and it worked.
Thank you for your advice.