Inbound CLID needs to show more


Inbound calls truncate to a very short amount (possible the 15 characters for analog CLID), but even the 32xx phones support more than that. Either the inbound CLID should scroll, or display on two lines of the display, but how it is now is too short for internal calling (or hunt group display prefixes with the original caller info).



Thanks for the feedback. We will evaluate the possibility of expanding the CLID.


Also, I just realized, it’s only showing the name - needs name/number… There’s plenty of room for it, and we all know that data is there…



We will consider the option to show both name and number.



That would be perfect.


That would help…

Also noticed that call history doesn’t show number (only name) unless you actually select the number to dial.



This issue belong in a new thread.



Sorry, I never know when to start a new thread or add a reply.


One question, before this moves into a new thread - Does it not alternate (or allow viewing of the details) like a 2170 does?



It doesn’t alternate but you can view the details to see the rest of the info.



It should alternate, as the 21xx does… Odds are, that’s part of the confusion with the “log only has names” thread - details would likely have the number as well, but folks may be used to it alternating and aren’t seeing that, thinking it’s only the name captured (though, if that were actually true, you’d never be able to redial it because it wouldn’t know the number).