Inbound call from analog trucks not receiving


I am able to place outbound calls no problem. When I receive a call coming in, I can see the line light flashing but the PBX will not pick up. I have tried to send the call to IVR and direct to extensions.
When the switch was first set up it worked, but now after I had my lines changed to 2 lines with the same number, it does not.


try to disable or change the settings of the incoming CID number


I did not have “CallerID info” enabled. When I tried to enable it, it does the same thing.
When the switch was working I believe that the POTS line I was using did not have caller ID on it.
I do not have anything in the “CallerID Pattern” box and set “CallerID Info” is unchecked.


then try to enable it and set it to auto or in the correct setting according to what the PSTN handler sends


i’m not sure what to enter for the “CallerID Pattern”? When I select the “Set CallerID Info”, it default populates the name and number fields to the following.
I’m not sure if this is correct or what else it should be. I do not see an option for auto.


view this screen


That did it! thank you so much. That screen shot defiantly helped, I was looking under the inbound settings.


Okay, I’m glad,
a like and the “solution” button would be appreciated" :slight_smile: