Improving BLF status changes


I’ve noticed this before when using the GXP2200EXT expansion models that the BLF will occasionally not update.
We originally ran a UCM6102 with 14 extensions. I added two GXP2200EXT to a GXP2160 for reception. The GXP2200EXT would occasionally show a line status a ringing when it wasn’t ringing any more. We had to remove it as the receptionist was not able to reliably see line status.

We moved to a new location and now have a 6510 with 24 extensions. I tried adding back in two brand new GXP2200EXT boards to a GXP2170 and see the same issue here. All devices are running latest release. All devices are on the same subnet.
20 devices are in the same ring group and have BLF on the GXP2200EXT. when a call goes to that ring group we will occasionally have one BLF that continues to show a ringing pattern when a different extension takes the call.

Any ideas on what we may have setup wrong?


you can try… under extension users => enable keep alive under extensions


I’ll turn that on and see if it resolves the problem, thank you.

I thought that was useful for NAT traversal only, but I’m willing to try anything.


No idea if this will assist, but you might want to check out the Event List feature which is a more network efficient means of doing BLF keys.



I have just recently started having the same issue with our 6102 / 2160 phones…on the UCM .16.20 firmware and on the phones.

Never was much of an issue until maybe the last month when I upgraded firmwares.