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Would like to be able to import a config file into the GDMS so that any existing devices that are added to the system can be added without having to start over from scratch. Also noticed that this system doesn’t shut down the web GUI for added devices, this is great in my opinion but changes made in the Web GUI are not reflected in the cloud portal, and i am not sure which side takes priority, especially when the UCM’s are added in the future, this could cause several conflicts in configuration. I would like to see a way to make the updates apply in both directions changes made in the GUI or in the UCM reflect on the cloud portal.


Have you tried to “Switch to Text Editor” copy paste then back to Gui Editor?


Or the Import Configuration File?


(I haven’t but seems one thing I would try)


Are you talking about taking an config from the cloud site and putting it in the gui? I am talking about putting a config that is currently in the GUI and uploading it to the cloud so that the current working config is in the cloud and i dont have to put it all back in. I dont know if the text editor would work for that if i downloaded the config file from the GUI converted it to text and them pasted it into the text editor. That still leaves the issues of the multiple configs. What I have been working with is a DP750 that is currently built in a zero config on a UCM, i factroy defaulted the DP750 and connected it to the Cloud i currently have no config for it built on the cloud but it is getting one from the UCM. That is where i see the biggest issue is moving currently configured devices into the cloud with out having to factory default everything and start over, and making changes locally that dont get applied at the cloud level.


I agree. There needs to be an easy way to transition from Zero Config (or XML files) to GDMS IMHO.


Definitely would need an API for this.


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