[Improvement] NFC




I would like to suggest added hardware NFC support for DECT Cordless, including this technology for industries like Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing and Hospitality can be next right step to enterprise mobility.

Please consider implementing NFC support for the all Grandstream Cordless phones.



can you be more specific than “support for NFC”?
what specifically do you want to accomplish Via NFC?


For example, some hotels have already starting using implementing NFC, you can use DECT Cordless as door key for the staff.
In hospitality, every advantage counts.


Just put a NFC tag behind the phone.

This device is supposed to be affordable, now everybody wants “Samsung Galaxy S9”-grade features on a DECT phone.


For security reasons aren’t safe to put an NFC tag behind on the phone.
What you mean affordable ? Today an smartwatch with NFC costs 10 US…


hotels typically use Very specific NFC, often tied to their APP for things like room keys.

not just a generic HID-Proximity badge. I agree with fmarcoux96 - the Gain of having this (IF it works with your very specific use-case) is far outweighed by the cost.

grab a peel-and-stick NFC Tag and wedge it in behind the battery if you really need. most users likely wont want the extra cost and weight.

“for security reasons” its also probably not safe to make your phone the NFC tag either, if putting the tag behind the phone isnt considered safe either.