I'm sharing the format for screensaver.xml


There is no documentation anywhere for the correct format for the screensaver.xml file, so I persistently nagged Grandstream Support and they finally gave me an example xml file:

If you are using GDMS, you can put your pictures up as resources and copy/paste the links from there to this xml’s “path=” parameter.

I hope this post helps others who have been frustrated by trying to figure this out.


@iait Where is the example screensaver.xml file attached?


@cbfs Strange. I’m certain that was in my post… here

<image path="http://server_IP_address/picture1.jpg" />
<image path="http://server_IP_address/picture2.jpg" />
<image path="http://server_IP_address/picture3.jpg" />
<image path="http://server_IP_address/picture4.jpg" />
<image path="http://server_IP_address/picture5.jpg" />


@iait Thanks! It doesn’t seem to be working for me from GDMS though. Is there a way to configure it from the phone’s web UI? Is there specific requirements for image files? I’m trying to use the same png file that I have set as the wallpaper but I’m just getting a black screen.


@iait thanks for this. Could you just please show an example of what your actually code in the Screensaver Server Path field on the phone?



I know this thread is a few years old, but I came here looking for the same answers you all were desperate for…

I have good news to share with you all - I’ve cracked the code!

I hounded Grandstream support as well for specific details on how to set this up, and here’s what they had me do:

  1. Upload the screensaver picture(s)s to GDMS as resources.

  2. Create your screensaver.xml file using iait’s template from above

  1. On the Resource in GDMS use the icon “copy” at the right hand side to copy the URL of the resource and add the route to your screensaver.xml file as:
  1. Upload the file screensaver.xml as resource on GDMS.

  2. On the phone, (or relevant template you are using to push out config), go to System Settings>Preferences then enable/set the following parameters:
    Screensaver - Yes
    Screensaver Server Path - Click on the folder icon and select your screensaver.xml
    Screensaver Source - Download
    Screensaver Timeout - 3 (default)
    Screensaver XML Download Interval - 0 (default)

Hope this helps!


How long does each image stage on the screen for? does the XML contain that time for each image? also how does it swap the image on the screen?