I'm sharing the format for screensaver.xml


There is no documentation anywhere for the correct format for the screensaver.xml file, so I persistently nagged Grandstream Support and they finally gave me an example xml file:

If you are using GDMS, you can put your pictures up as resources and copy/paste the links from there to this xml’s “path=” parameter.

I hope this post helps others who have been frustrated by trying to figure this out.


@iait Where is the example screensaver.xml file attached?


@cbfs Strange. I’m certain that was in my post… here

<image path="http://server_IP_address/picture1.jpg" />
<image path="http://server_IP_address/picture2.jpg" />
<image path="http://server_IP_address/picture3.jpg" />
<image path="http://server_IP_address/picture4.jpg" />
<image path="http://server_IP_address/picture5.jpg" />


@iait Thanks! It doesn’t seem to be working for me from GDMS though. Is there a way to configure it from the phone’s web UI? Is there specific requirements for image files? I’m trying to use the same png file that I have set as the wallpaper but I’m just getting a black screen.