Ideas for improvement PoE power supply GXV3380


Hi. I use GXV3380 with PoE adapter. After each booting I receive a message with notificanion that when phone use PoE I can’t employ USB and HDMI.

  1. Make checkbox for hide that message again (I understand …)
  2. Power adapter from the box has output parameters 12V@1,5A. It means that the phone needs in input power 18W for all functions (USB+HDMI). I use PoE 48V@0,5А = 24W. Can you add software settings to manually select power from PoE for all functions with USB and HDMI?
    Is this hardware or software limitation?


Hi! I also have my phone connected via PoE. Never seen a reminder after a reboot. Already about 6 times completely reinstalled phone. Now I use a cheap device D-Link DES-1008P.