Ideas for expanding the capabilities of the GSC3510


The device should be positioned as a warning system, part of the security system. There are several ideas for the development of the GSC3510.

  1. Complete the device with a motion sensor. When the sensor is triggered, you can configure an alert depending on the time and date. This event will trigger a local recording with alert text. You can also add a relay that allows you to switch an electrical circuit of 220 V. For example, turn on the light on the stairs.
  2. Complete the model with a smoke detector. When the sensor is triggered, a local file will be launched with an instruction for evacuation. In conditions of poor visibility, you can focus on the sound. You can also supplement the device with several bright LEDs for stand-by lighting and a battery for a short operation in case of power loss.
  3. It is possible to add a device functional to a full Wi-Fi access point for installation in rooms with a small load. Wi-Fi module is already installed on the device.


Also device should have input for analog local alarm system. Buildings which already have own alarm speaker can simple replace with with hybride GSC3510



Thank you for these great ideas.
This function needs to be supported with other hardware. If there is demand for orders, we will consider add these function.

Thank you,