I get power but no data GDC3710


hi guys
i do installation for GDC3710 and i connect the GDC3710 to switch and the camera get power over switch PoE but i cannot accesses to the camer

i used this wire nconfigure as shown on user manual and i can see the cameras ip but i can’t get access i only get from the page time out because the page takes long time but with nothing showing
is there any mistake i have made? or do i have change the wire per2per
any advice
with regards


the network connection has a standard connection that obviously you do not have to go wrong, I normally use the B version, in any case try with a factory network cable and see immediately if the problem is connected.



If the device is picking up an IP and you can ping it and get a response, then likely the device is wired correctly as it has power and can see and respond to data. I assume that you can access the webpage of the device as well?

If you can do the above, then the question becomes:
How are you trying to view the camera? Via a phone or web browser and if a browser which one?

Perhaps a search of the forum will provide some insight, but in the meantime take a look at this post -


@doha2022 Do you use the “GS_Search” utility and see the device get IP, and you can PING it, but you cannot access it via HTTPS? If you see the result of “GS_Search”, what port is the HTTP/HTTPS? If the webUI NOT response but PING response, could you try use SSH to access the device?

What is the firmware version of the GDS unit?

If you can SSH the unit, trying factory reset through the SSH CLI command. “Type “HELP” once you get into the SSH interface”.

Please advise your result. Hope this helps. Thanks and good luck!


thank you for your reply
let me tell you what happened
my router ip is for ex
when. log to my router i can see the GDC ip witch is but i cand ping it
now when i use GDC search i got but also i can’t ping it but the good thing is the GDC get power over switch (PoE) i thing there is something wrong with wire connection i need to know the pin number location on the GDC so i can do wireing from GDC to ethernet rj45 connotation as par2par

do you agree with my


Just follow cable color ? It is standard wiring for RJ straight cable.



Yes, please like what @Marcin said, just match the color code and insert the wire into the interface back board socket. Make sure the wire is connected well.

For more information, please read the Page 10 of QIG:

More information:

Thank you for using GDS3710.


thank you guys now i connected to the GDC buy using your help thanks
now i connect the GDC to electric door lock like this one :point_down:t2:

but when i connect it to power adapter 12v 1.5A the electric door lock keeps unlock buy using this connection

is there something wrong i made?
this is last step for me
with regards





The image of your lock, if it is like like when no power, then your lock is “Fail Secure” lock, you might need connect to “COM2 & NO2” and try. If you are not sure, try either one by one to find out.

Make sure your lock is using its own power supply, NOT socking juice from GDS3710. Otherwise it might have unpredictable issue as this is NOT suggested usage.

More wiring and connection information please refer to:

Hope this helps. Please advise your result. Good luck!


You do have set this correctly ?


i don’t have this future sorry
i try to change connection from COM2 / NC2 to COM2 / NO2 but i can’t open the door via card or keyfob or even from phone DTMF and i already change power supply for the electric lock to 12v 2A but still

i try to upgrade the gdc by using gsupgradetool but with no success see attached

my gdc firmware version

and i noticed the gdc keybad blinking
i can’t upload 2 seconds video


now i noticed when i used this configure (COM2 / NO2) the electric lock became normal i can lock it /unlock it manually but on previous configure the electronic lock unlocked all time i can’t lock it manually next week i’m planing to buy new electronic door lock and buy new GDC it could what i have now have problem or factory defect


@doha2022: Your device is with antique firmware, please upgrade to latest firmware, and perform factory reset after upgrade.

Please be advised downloading and using firmware with multiple binary files, because your device will NOT be able to upgrade if using single file firmware, which is supported after

Here is the firmware file you need to use, please READ the Release Note before you flash your GDS:

If still have issue, please contact Grandstream Support by open an support ticket. Thank you for using Grandstream GDS3710.


Yep upgrade is only way :slight_smile:


finally i upgraded my GDC to new firmware :crossed_fingers:t2: by luck but i can’t open electric lock from phone DTMF or by pin or even by card or fob
i’ve reds that i have to assign user on white list to have this feature is that correct ?
or if you guys recommend for me a electric lock like what i attach :point_up_2:t2:


DTMF - whitelist i just checked and it must be added and whitelist enabled.

Card and rest -> edit old card as there is setting for allowing door1/2 to open. You must mark it i think.


finally i did it now i can open electric door lock via pin from phone itself , card and keyfob but i can’t add GDS account to gxv3240 or gxv3275 can you guide me in detail
with regards to all who help me or even read my post thanks allot


Pass= pin to open.