I can't get queue records in CDR by API


Hello Everybody.

I can’t get queue records in CDR by API but can get other records groups and extensions. Are there any special config in queue call records ?

Thank you.


Can you please explain more fully.

CDR records are just that, a record of a call that comes in from a trunk that goes to an extension (such as a queue) and then to other extensions (park, ring group, extension), etc.


We can’t get call queue recorded file name and files by API. It doesn’t incoming queue files name by API. We can got other information by API CDR.

I confused about Auto record check box settings. It 3 times one purpose 1st - Main SIP Trunk Auto record box. 2 st - Queue Auto Record check box. 3st - a extension auto record check box. My main goal is call queue record files appeared and incoming audio record icon in CDR - CDR page.


We can get all files in CDR - CDR by API


call queue recording files located in CRD-> Recortding files - We can’t get there files


I do not see any recording in your initial screen shot -

What command are you using?


We can get only CDR-CDR data by API but call queue records didn’t income in CDR. Call queue records recorded in Call Queue -> Queue Records (Other location) didn’t appear in CDR.


I can get files and file name from CDR but CDR doesn’t including call queue records. Can you get call queue records by API ?


What command are you using?
Try -

The above will show you the names of the recordings and then, for example, you can use

The is the private IP of my UCM so you will need to change in the command lines to your UCM and the wav file I have in my latter command is a wav file found from the 1st command.