I can't add my DP752 and DP730 handsets to my UCM6308



I set up my UCM6308 and it wouldn’t see the DP752. It isn’t an option on the zero-config settings.

I’ve been trying for days now and I can’t seem to get these connected.

I had to set up the DP752 separately with SIPGATE trunks and sync with the handsets.
This worked perfectly but I still can’t get these through the UCM.

Any advice?




Step 1: Ensure the required templates for the DECT base stations are downloaded.

Step 2: Ensure your Lan subnet is white listed on this page.

Double check the PBX and DECT base station are in the lan subnet.

Log into the DP 750/752 and upload the latest firmware.

Default the base Station and as long as it picks up an IP address in the same subnet as the PBX them it should appear in the Zero Config List.


Thank you so much for your help.

Where would I find the DECT templates to download?
They are not currently in my options list.

The 752 and UCM6308 are both on the same network.
Do I still need to do something on the subnet whitelist?


Follow Step 1 in Zero Config of the UCM.


I’m still no further forward.

The DP752 is NOT on my template list and I have no idea how to add it.
Is this something that I need to download (from where) and then up load (how)?



Just follow @Telefonix steps. Make sure your UCM6308 is using the up to date firmware.