I cannot access the admin page via IP address


I try several times, connected via lan cable directly to Grandsream IP Phone central, but its not connecting, ive scan the IPs on my network and Grandsream IP is there but cannot access. Ive try everything, two different PC, different browsers… etc.
Btw my eternal calls work just fine, but from outside of my enterprise, nobody can call us :frowning: Any ides? Help?


Check if you can reach DP via SSH or telnet.


same problem
ping possible
dp720 phone works fine but there is no access to dp750 via browser / zero config
wanted to advice update


You can try scanning DP for open ports.

Set access on ZeroConfig via http and any port, then try access unit.


solved the problem
had a modal template for dp750 with web access 443, changed it to default (80) send the update and everything was fine for my three dp750