I ask for advice on DECT / WIFI wireless phone


Hello everybody,

I wanted to ask for advice on a wireless DECT / WIFI phone,
I know perfectly well that DECT technology was created for voice, so surely the audio quality is better than a WIFI phone.
But having not yet tried for example WP810 / 820 I ask you for a feedback.
I read a lot of negative reviews in reference to WP810 / 820 but maybe after a long time the bugs have been fixed and now it works “better”.

Can anyone enlighten me? I have to provide a customer with a DP752, since I manage the wifi, I thought I’d try WP810. But before I did I wanted to have your judgments.

Thank you in advance,


We with like to move to wifi phones but the price makes no sense the handset is almost the same as the DECT handset and base. We used a few GXP1760 W at a school going on about 2 years now not many issues except when they lost connection to the AP. Also this wireless network was set up by some one else with Ubiquiti Ap old modles but we have not any issue.

The thing that is stopping us from moving to WIFI handsets is the price offers no real reason when compared to the Dect why fight in the 2.4 Ghz space when Dect give you peace of mind. When and if the handset comes to 50% less than dect we will look to move